dirt(y) baby red lentils are, as the name suggests, our little guys (well, in comparison to the larger variety of lentil in our range - the big red bolts). Our baby reds are grown with love by the Schilling Family in the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

Time poor? Don’t worry, our baby reds don’t require soaking and can be cooked easily, in about 30 mins, or until al dente. These babies have a delicate flavour and are great for summer salads, warming winter braises and soups.

Tip: if you’re after that creamy texture that hulled and split lentils release into sauces and soups, we suggest you scoop out a handful and blitz them up with a stab mixer or food processor and then return to the pot. The starches of an un-hulled and un-split lentil tend to stay in the lentil (rather than in the surrounding cooking water).

Size: 750g

Dirty Inc - Yorke Peninsula | South Australia