Size: 500G

dirt(y) kabuli chickpeas are single origin, traceable, non GM and grown by the Schilling Family in sunny Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, who supply us with the most recent harvest available.

Chickpeas are a rich source of dietary protein and minerals, are drought tolerant, water wise crops and are nature's fertilisers; releasing valuable nitrogen into the soil for future crops.

Kabuli chickpeas are the bigger boys of the chickpea world. Those whacky Americans call everything we cook by a different name, and they call these garbanzos. Kabuli chickpeas originated in Afghanistan and are larger than the desi (which are the little Indian variety). They are easy to identify with their smoother coat and lighter colour.

We know it’s hard to plan ahead but it’s worth getting organised and soaking your chickpeas in plenty of cold water in the fridge overnight. If you forget, you can cheat by doing a hot soak; and they will still only take a tad over an hour to cook like cold soaked ones.

Kabuli chickpeas are great in a curry, make a mean falafel, and are less fibrous than the desi variety so they make a delicious and smooth hummus.

Size: 650g

Dirty Inc - Yorke Peninsula | South Australia