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Wild Honeycomb Wooden Section

Wild honey is produced from 100% natural comb in Warré hives and exceeds both the organic and biodynamic standards for apiculture.

Biting down on a rich, sticky piece of our wild honeycomb is a unique gastronomic experience; the wonderful flavour and aroma of pure honey is amplified when preserved in the thin wax chambers of the comb.

Available in 300g and 750g

Malfroy's Gold is an Australian beekeeping company specialising in producing pure varieties of Wild honey and honeycomb harvested from bee-friendly Warré hives in the Blue Mountains wilderness and woodland forests of the Central Tablelands, NSW, Australia.

Malfroy's beekeeping practices surpass the national organic and international Demeter biodynamic guidelines for apiculture. We call our honey ‘Wild’ for this reason, as it is produced in an entirely natural way; by wild bees in a wild environment. The Warré hives Malfroy's use are made from local salvaged timber and are designed to mimic a tree hollow, the perfect home for a honeybee colony.