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Pukara Estate's barrel aged balsamic has the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. It is perfect for any salad or drizzle over strawberries.

How to enjoy this product:

Dip with crusty bread and extra virgin olive oil or use a little to finish off a pasta sauce. Great to add to the final stages of a braise or try in desserts for a traditional Italian touch.

Size 250ml

Located in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW Australia. At Pukara Estate they're passionate about their olive oils, vinegars and distinctive food products. From harvest, through production, they take the greatest pride and care to guarantee you the freshest, most flavoursome products.

Freshness, flavour and premium quality are the characteristics that set Pukara Estate apart. They continue to achieve this year after year, season after season, with their true commitment to agriculture and sustainable farming practices. Flavour. Passion.