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Papa's Ferrero Rocher Mousse Cake is made with a chocolate biscuit base, Ferrero Rocher mousse and a thin layer of chocolate sponge. Finished with chocolate biscuit crumb, baci balls and glace cherries.



Small – approx. 18cm / 7 inch - 8 people

Large – approx. 25cm / 10 inch - 15 people

Pasticceria Papa’s has been home to the ultimate dessert, Sydney’s favourite baked ricotta cake. With a combination of sensational sweet and savoury delights, Papa offers an authentic southern Italian cuisine experience located in Haberfield, Five Dock and Bondi Beach.

Their famous baked ricotta cake is just the beginning of utterly irresistible Italian pastries, that cannot be found anywhere else. Only when you have tried the range, will you truly understand why “Papa knows best”