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This is a thin style pitta bread popular with Souvlakia, Turkish Kebabs, hot wraps, dips and thin pizza.

  • Just warm the pitta bread on a hot plate, grill or frying pan and it will become soft and flexible
  • Pitta bread lasts for up to 9 months in freezer (-18°C) and 2 weeks in refrigerator (5°C)
  • Pack of 10
  • Suitable for vegans

Cooking tips:

Mix oil, oregano and salt and lightly brush onto pita before warming up on hot plate, grill or frying pan.


-'Greek souvlaki' - Slice tomato, lettuce and onions on Pitta. Add spiced lamb or beef which has been grilled on skewers, salt, pepper and sauce. Roll Pitta and serve.

- Use Pitta as a base for bacon and eggs, grilled tomato or mushrooms.

- Warm or grill Pitta and spread with jam, marmalade, Vegemite, various cheeses or other toppings.

- Warm or grill Pitta and serve with your favourite dip.


Australian Made and Owned by Golden Top Bakery.