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Box of 6

Size: 500G

Perfect for Omelettes, Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Frittatas, Icings, Sauces, Cocktails, Protein Shakes, Smoothies and Baking!

You just shake, open and pour. No mess, no fuss and no waste, we’ve done the cracking and separating for you.


What is PUREGG?

Puregg is made from 100% pure liquid egg whites. Just egg whites! Egg whites have absolutely no fat or cholesterol in them and are packed with high quality protein and a source of 7 vitamins and minerals.

Puregg comes in a convenient 500g liquid format that is available in a size that’s right for you which is the equivalent of 16 egg whites, simply open and pour.

Packed with 9 amino acids, high quality protein and a source of 7 vitamins and minerals, Puregg egg whites are an excellent way to help you meet your daily protein requirement.

Puregg egg whites are ideal for all your egg white recipes. Because it’s pasteurised it can be used for any recipe or smoothie drink or cocktail that calls for egg whites to be used.
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Phuong Le

Good service, fast delivery.