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Choose from our delicious range of Vegan pies!

Vegan meaty mushroom pie - Flavour-filled and ready to take on any meaty rival. Earthy mushrooms, nutty lentils, cashew and tomato in a rich onion gravy. Great with mash and veg, for a traditional taste - but better! 


Vegan cheezy mexican pie - A Mexican fiesta filled with kidney beans, corn, sweet potato and salsa, complete with vegan tasty cheeze! Serve with sweet potato wedges and guacamole for the perfect vegan feast.  


Vegan chick'n curry pie - A completely Vegan pie that combines the delicate flavours of the Sub-Continent with chick-peas, coconut milk and spicey, marinated vegetable protein  


105 mm x 45mm

Serving Size:


Shelf Life:

7 days